Ultra-Caring Styling Milk


Region: Europe

Pamper your style with this ultra-caring leave-on hair milk offering multiple benefits in one convenient format. Carbopol® Ultrez 30 polymer provides a cushiony sensory while Pemulen™ TR-2 polymer is used as an efficient polymeric emulsifier. Heat protection, conditioning and improved detangling are provided by Merquat™ 3330PR polymer. Fixate™ Freestyle polymer ensures long-lasting hold and excellent humidity resistance. Lastly Schercemol™ NGDO ester gives a non-greasy feel and luxurious softness to the hair.


  • Hair Care-Conditioners
  • Hair Care-Styling Products-Gel
  • Hair Care-Styling Products-Other


  • Pearlescent

Products Used in This Formulation

Carbopol® Ultrez 30 polymer

Fixate™ Freestyle polymer

Merquat™ 3330PR polymer

Pemulen™ TR-2 polymeric emulsifier

Schercemol™ NGDO ester

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