Aqua Mat Lipstick


Region: Europe

Splash your lips with color! This water-based lipstick formulation provides an opaque and matte finish on lips with age-defying benefits without dryness. Avalure™ Flex-6 polymer, a nonionic multifunctional ingredient, offers pigment compatibility and emulsion stability to this W/O Pickering system, leading to the incorporation of about 15% aqueous phase with a soft and comfortable powdery afterfeel. This innovative formulation enables the use of water-soluble active ingredients such as Antarcticine™ marine ingredient C, a glycoprotein which helps to reduce the signs of aging by smoothing the lips. Schercemol™ DISD ester enhances the dispersion of uncoated pigments for high color intensity and coverage.


  • Color Cosmetics-Lip


  • Matte

Products Used in This Formulation

Avalure™ Flex-6 polymer

Schercemol™ DISD ester

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