Lumberjack Beard and Mustache Shampoo

Region: Latin America

The Lumberjack Beard and Mustache Shampoo is a balanced formula with cleansing and moisturizing properties for facial hair. Carbopol® Ultrez 20 polymer brings the correct flow and rheology profile to the formula and does not compromise the foam, provided by the surfactant system, that has Chembetaine™ C surfactant, for mild properties and foam enhancement, with no drying sensation on skin. Merquat™ 2001 conditioning polymer provides good hair combing and detangling properties, and with Glucquat™ 125 humectant, a naturally derived humectant, reduces hair frizz and brings conditioning.


  • Cleansing-Facial
  • Hair Care-Shampoos
  • Men's Products - Men's Products


  • Opaque

Product Positioning

  • Conditioning
  • Detangling
  • Frizz Control
  • Male
  • Mild
  • Moisturizing