Carbopol® SMART Polymers
Open the Door to Infinite Possibilities

Aside from luxurious feel, exceptional flow, and enhanced visual appeal, Carbopol SMART Polymers open the world of possibilities through its ease of formulation. Learn more about the polymers changing formulation as you know it.

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Good Things Come in Threes

Carbopol SMART 1000 Polymer

Carbopol® SMART 1000 Polymer

See how you can create brilliant, stable hand, face and body cleansers using soap and soap-syndet combination systems with Carbopol® SMART 1000 polymer.
Carbopol SMART 2000 Polymer

Carbopol® SMART 2000 Polymer

To formulate a wide range of products, from traditional body and hand cleansers to high pH soap-based cleansers, choose Carbopol® SMART 2000 polymer.
Carbopol SMART 3000 Polymer

Carbopol® SMART 3000 Polymer

For unprecedented formulation flexibility that delivers performance independent of formula pH, choose Carbopol® SMART 3000 polymer.

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