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Posted by Lindsay Lipp on 9/16/2018

Consumers are looking for the perfect make-up to express their personality. Products that offer a beautifying effect with excellent long-lasting coverage and comfortable wear.

Lubrizol Skin Care will feature new innovative solutions to optimize such critical performances with desired aesthetics and sensory in the next generation of color cosmetics for eyes, face and lips.

Among the formulations we highlight: 

  • CHROMABRIGHT® molecule brightens and unifies the skin tone
  • LIPOCHROMAN® molecule oxidant protects against UV radiation and pollution
  • PEMULEN™ EZ-4U polymeric emulsifier stabilizes and provides consistency
  • SCHERCEMOL™ 1818, DISD and CATC esters impart emolliency and contribute richness and softness

To discover all the formulated solutions, please contact your Lubrizol representative.

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