Improve at least 2 Billion lives by 2028 by improving daily health outcomes.

Today, more than ever, people around the world realize that health and wellness are essential to our quality of life. Utilizing our formulating expertise, testing capabilities, market insights and global scale, we are helping our customers deliver products that enable billions of people to Live Better every day. In fact, half of the world’s consumers use at least one product containing a Lubrizol ingredient.

Our solutions include:

  • Chemistry, and technology and expertise to make pharmaceutical drug products and medical devices more patient-friendly and effective
  • Nutraceutical ingredients that enhance promote the healthy, natural absorption and digestion of nutrients in the body
  • Polymers used in hand sanitizer and home cleansers, addressing global demand for sanitization products
  • Thermoplastic polyurethanes (TPUs) that are 100% recyclable and used in medical devices, active wear and athletic footwear for healthy lifestyles, as well as in protective garments


Medical Tubing

Targeting Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Innovation

Lubrizol is at the forefront of medical device and drug product innovation with our technologies, ingredients, and contract development and manufacturing services. Both large and small pharmaceutical companies rely on us as an end-to-end innovation partner and for our expertise in clinical drug product manufacturing. Our solutions include ingredients that enable time-release oral medicines, smaller tablet sizes, aesthetically pleasing topical gels and creams, non-irritating eye drops, and oral liquids that protect and lubricate the throat.

Our extensive polymer expertise allows us to create comprehensive, customized and application-specific medical grade materials for countless customer innovations that enhance patient comfort and quality of life. An additional benefit to our partners, within both markets, includes our contract manufacturing and development capabilities which create unique and innovative solutions that grow customer intimacy, increase speed to market and improve patient outcomes.


Nutraceutical Solutions Promote Consumer Self-Care

Lubrizol specializes in the development and production of nutraceutical ingredients, providing nutritional and technical solutions for functional foods and dietary supplements that enable consumers to follow effective self-care practices. We helped increase consumer selfcare in 2020 with innovations in ingredients and formulations that enhance iron absorption, supporting the needs of 25% of the global population who are iron deficient, mitigate calcium deficiencies, and increase cognitive performance.
Young Girl Drinking Water from a Glass

Access to Clean Drinking Water

Our materials for plumbing pipe and fittings are trusted the world over to deliver clean, safe drinking water to millions of single-family residences, apartments and commercial buildings in North America, the Middle East, Africa, China, India, Pakistan, Brazil and Mexico. We’ve made recent investment to manufacture and supply even more. Our easier-to-use polymers require less energy to connect pipes, eliminating the need for electricity in the installation, and they are long-lasting, which results in less waste.