Improve at least 2 billion lives by 2028 – through our solutions for health, beauty, cleanliness, protection, wellness and fitness.

Today, more than ever, people around the world realize that health and wellness are essential to our quality of life. Utilizing our formulating expertise, testing capabilities, market insights and global scale, we are helping our customers deliver products that enable billions of people to Live Better every day. In fact, half of the world’s consumers use at least one product containing a Lubrizol ingredient.


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Health and Beauty Opportunities Grow Through Partnerships

Lubrizol materials are essential ingredients in a wide range of health and beauty products. Lubrizol provides science-based, market-ready solutions that enable the more natural and effective products that consumers want. We work with companies of all sizes – global brands, startups and smaller brands with market-leading ideas. Our technology and marketing teams specialize in helping our key customers identify and capitalize on “brand accelerator” opportunities, including rapid prototyping, testing to substantiate product performance, and new ways to reinvigorate established brands, and, ultimately, we can help develop the supply chain and scale production.
Medical Tubing

Targeting Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Innovation

Lubrizol is at the forefront of drug product innovation with our excipient technology, contract development and manufacturing services. Both large and small pharmaceutical companies rely on us as an end-to-end innovation partner and for our expertise in clinical drug product manufacturing. Our solutions include materials that enable time-release medicines to work as directed, help medications reach their target organs, and make tablets smaller and easier to take without compromising performance. We also manufacture medical-grade polymers for medical equipment and thermoplastic urethane (TPU) solutions for medical devices such as catheters.

Serving the Fast-Growing Nutraceuticals Market

Nutraceuticals, pharmaceutical supplements with potential physiological benefits, are the fastest-growing health and wellness category in the world. Lubrizol is developing a strong development and manufacturing position, leveraging our targeted drug delivery capabilities and formulating expertise to position our company as a leader in this growing space. The acquisition of Laboratoire Phenobio expanded our capabilities to provide natural ingredients across the cosmetic, nutraceutical and life sciences industries. Laboratoire Phenobio’s unique capabilities in subcritical water extraction (SWE) are used to extract phytoactives from botanical raw materials using only water.