Providing a total solution for commercial fleet fuel efficiency


Commercial fleet owners need to achieve continual improvements in efficiency and performance from their vehicles as a critical component of their profitability and success. To help with this, Lubrizol provides high-performance additives for engine oil, driveline, fuel and grease technology designed to improve vehicle efficiency.


Because of the breadth of our capabilities, we can serve as a total solutions provider to commercial fleets, bringing them greater value and efficiencies through a combined offering. In fact, Lubrizol is the leading supplier of high-performance additives for heavy-duty vehicles and driveline fluids for commercial vehicles. We are able to deliver more value to our customers by leveraging our innovative technologies across the vehicle.


Using multiple Lubrizol products means gains in efficiency that a customer would not otherwise achieve. In over-the-road field testing at major fleets, Lubrizol has demonstrated significant fuel economy benefits from our latest heavy-duty engine oil and driveline technologies. When compared to standard offerings, this translates into significant fuel and cost savings if applied across the fleet.

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