Collaboration is essential to finding a solution for sustainable packaging


The burgeoning issue of waste packaging which is largely landfilled or incinerated, but is now increasingly being found on waste land, in our rivers or the oceans.


Armed with insights from the value chain, multidisciplinary teams at Lubrizol including synthesis and applications, marketing and regulatory, are working together, and with others within Lubrizol, to identify potential solutions. Externally, we are working with customers, co-suppliers, materials suppliers, industry research associations, brand owners and recyclers. The industry is promoting a ‘circular economy’ where packaging is re-used or recycled, which will require collaboration from all to succeed. Potential solutions include water-based coatings based on biodegradable polymers, or those with water barrier properties that enable easier recycling.


When we are successful, manufacturers will reduce the financial burden of dealing with waste by producing packaging with a lower environmental impact. Solutions will enable them to meet the new plastic packaging targets being imposed by many countries and regions. End-users will be able to more easily recycle their waste. And society will benefit as more materials are conserved and less waste is created.