New pigments give printers an affordable and environmentally friendly option


Digital textile printer manufacturers sought an alternative to dye-based inks, which require water and steam and as such produce liquid waste and pollution. Pigments, which require less energy and produce less waste, offer environmental and performance advantages, but can be costly and challenging to use.


Lubrizol is well positioned to produce highly stable pigment dispersions that are cost effective for high-speed printing. We are back integrated into all the technologies required, have Diamond Dispersions manufacturing experience, and expert applications testing capability in the U.S. This makes Lubrizol the partner of choice for leading printer OEMs to develop new ink systems for their printers using our technology.


OEMs can now offer pigment-based textile digital print systems that are reliable and affordable as well as environmentally friendly. The systems are appealing choices for markets such as home furnishings and clothing and for printers who want to reduce pollution and water/energy consumption. In addition, end users get easier access to more affordable custom textile designs, often available at local printers.