ARGIRELINE® peptide minimizes the appearance of wrinkles


A high percentage of the population is concerned with preventing the first visible signs of aging, which are wrinkles on the face. The first to appear, around the age of 30, are the expression lines caused by the repeated facial movements when we smile, furrow the brow or make any expression.


Using a Nobel Prize winning methodology, Lubrizol’s Lipotec™ Active Ingredients R&D team developed the ARGIRELINE® peptide, the first peptide to target expression wrinkles. Used topically, it offers a safer, highly effective alternative to widely used cosmetic procedures. ARGIRELINE peptide works by interfering in vitro with the complex protein system involved in muscle contraction, to minimize the appearance of wrinkles.


ARGIRELINE® peptide is known for its effective and rapid results. Testing shows it decreases appearance of expression wrinkle volume by more than 20% and length by more than 15% after only one week of use, and also helps ease roughness and depth over time. Today hundreds of cosmetic companies use ARGIRELINE® peptide in their product formulations to provide an anti-wrinkle benefit to consumers.

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