Estane® TPU helps the footwear industry through less waste and enhanced recyclability


Performance footwear can be made from dozens of different materials and comprised of over twenty different components – making it a very complex product from a supply chain and sustainability standpoint. But could it be made simpler?


The solution can be simple: One Shoe, One Material, One Earth. Lubrizol Engineered Polymers offers an expansive TPU portfolio featuring extensive application capabilities that can be used to form almost every part of the shoe. These individual technologies allow for deeper customization, comfort, performance, and durability while simultaneously offering a more sustainable solution than currently used materials.


One material, such as TPU from Lubrizol Engineered Polymers, can simplify an entire supply chain and increase sustainability in the footwear industry through less waste and enhanced recyclability. This is just another example of how Lubrizol continues to "Create Smarter."