Don Grafton

Senior Vice President, Operations

​Don Grafton is the Senior VP of Operations for Lubrizol. In this role, Don leads operations across our global portfolio, solidifying Lubrizol as an industry leading chemical company by ensuring a strong culture focused on safety and operational excellence.

Throughout his career, Don has a proven track record of overseeing reliable, safe and sustainable operations. He previously served as Vice President of Operations for BHE Renewables where he was responsible for all aspects of operations, including safety, environmental compliance, information technology/cyber security, efficient generation, transmission interconnection and community relations.

During his tenure with BHE Renewables, Don held a variety of operations roles across the organization. Prior to his work with BHE Renewables, Don held a variety of operations and HSES roles at MidAmerican Energy Company's Walter Scott Energy Center.

Bio- Don Grafton