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The site at Gavà provides full service to the cosmetic industry by developing, manufacturing and commercializing active ingredients.

This site is also approved by the authorities as a finished cosmetic manufacturer, offering companies that place cosmetic products into the market a full service from the development of cosmetic formulas to the manufacturing of the bulk product and the packaging into its finished form.

Founded in 1987 by two local entrepreneurs from the Barcelona area under the name Lipotec, this business grew to a group of six companies, three of which  were acquired by Lubrizol in 2012 : Lipotec, Lipofoods and Diverdrugs.

Product Lines/Businesses

Aimtec® peptides and molecules
Biointec™ blue biotechnology
µFilmtec® molecular films
Vectortec® delivery systems
Quiotec® cosmetotextiles
Brand accelerator integrated service

Products, Key Markets/ Applications

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Health and Safety

Committed with the safety of our employees, contractors and all interested parties affected by our activity. Committed with sustainability and sustainable development of products.

Community Relations

  • Work with the City Council (Gava/ Castelldefels) to reduce unemployment of our area
  • Attract talent from universities, including Barcelona University, Automa University, and Tarragona University
  • Arrels NGO:  help and improve the situation of the homeless in Barcelona
  • Oriol Mitjà Foundation: collaborate with Barcelona Institute for Global Health to eradicate Pian disease
  • Sant Joan de Deu: Hospital Center focused on childhood diseases
  • Asociación Española Contra el Cáncer: Spanish Association fight against breast cancer. Barcelona Human Aid
  • Barcelona Human Aid NGO:  help refugees from Greece and Serbia

Gavà Facts


c/ Isaac Peral 17, Pol. Ind. Camí Ral 08850 Gavà Spain


Originally established as Lipotec in 1987; in the current facilities since 2001

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Manufacturing/Packaging/R&D Labs/Offices

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Lubrizol Advanced Materials