Avon Lake

Avon Lake

The Avon Lake plant was built in 1946 by BFGoodrich (BFG).  In 1993, the operations split into BFG and Geon (now PolyOne).  In 2001, Noveon bought BFG’s Performance Material business, which included the Avon Lake plant. Lubrizol purchased Noveon in 2004. The Avon Lake site houses Lubrizol, PolyOne and Mexichem facilities.

Lubrizol’s Avon Lake facility is comprised of process development, pilot plants and commercial manufacturing operations. Together these groups support the entire Lubrizol Advanced Materials division, including both the Engineered Materials and the Personal, Home and Health Care businesses.


  • Estane® TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane)
  • Isoplast® ETP (engineered thermoplastics)
  • SancureTM, TurbosetTM , and PermaxTM polyurethane dispersions
  • Carboset®   acrylic polymers
  • AvalureTM personal care products
  • NoveriteTM home care products
  • SolsperseTM hyperdispersants
  • AptalonTM polymers
  • Doresco® resins
  • Pellethane® TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane elastomer)
  • Digital ink polymers


Key Markets and Applications

  • Industrial
  • Sports and recreation
  • Consumer goods, including personal and home care
  • Paints, stains and coatings
  • Adhesives
  • Printing and packaging
  • Paper and textiles
  • Plastics and composites
  • Graphic arts
  • Digital print
  • Medical


Health and Safety

We are committed to protecting the health, safety, environment and security of our employees, contractors, vendors and community. We achieve this with our Responsible Care® program, Lubrizol’s internal policies, environmental stewardship and innovative sustainable products.


Community Relations

Lubrizol’s Avon Lake facility is an active supporter of our surrounding communities. We:


  • Are a member of Avon Lake Environmental and Advisory Awareness Board
  • Provide training to Avon Lake Fire Department
  • Partner with Avon Lake High School, sending engineers each year to speak and conduct lab experiments with high school chemistry students
  • Offer student shadowing of engineers and chemists to support career decisions
  • Sponsor
    • One teacher at the Ohio Chemistry Technology Council’s annual conference
    • A number of community organizations and events
  • Support:
    • Lorain County United Way
    • Lucy Idol Center or another local facility on our “Building Bonds” day of community outreach
    • Heritage Avon Lake

Avon Lake Facts


550 Moore Road
Avon Lake, Ohio  44012



Number of Employees


Business Segment

Lubrizol Advanced Materials