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Lubrizol Strengthens PPF Commitment to Spearhead TPU Industry Innovation and Development

April 23, 2024

<ul> <li><span>Company is investing in local TPU production capacity to meet burgeoning PPF market demands </span></li> <li><span>Establishing the Lubrizol High-Performance Films Innovation Center to expedite innovation and foster sustainable development within the high-performing film (HPF) industry</span></li> <li><span>The announcement of an ESTANE&reg; TPU empowerment ecosystem to bolster collaboration across the PPF value chain and address varied high quality needs</span></li> </ul>

Lubrizol is pleased to announce a strengthened commitment within the thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) industry, including investment in ESTANE® TPU capacity at the company’s Shanghai plant, the establishment of the Lubrizol High-Performance Films Innovation Center, and the announcement of the ESTANE TPU empowerment ecosystem in paint protection film (PPF) market.

These initiatives not only fully demonstrate Lubrizol's expertise in the TPU field but also showcase its unwavering confidence in the growth of TPU in the Chinese market and its ongoing commitment to industry advancement.

“Our localization strategy involves comprehensive engagement across production, R&D, and value-chain collaboration,” said Jane Cai, Senior Business Director, Lubrizol. “This, coupled with our deep insights into the Chinese market, ensures precise alignment with the industry’s evolving needs. Meanwhile we actively cultivate collaborative platforms, fostering deep relationships and engagement with numerous companies to drive industry growth."

"Lubrizol's rich legacy of innovation, spanning over 95 years, positions us as a trailblazer in the specialty chemicals landscape," added Henry Liu, Vice President of Lubrizol Asia Pacific. "We are eager to deepen collaboration with industry peers to propel industrial advancement, foster sustainable development, and enhance quality of life."

Key Initiatives

  1. Investment in ESTANE TPU Production Capacity
  2. With more than 60 years of experience in the TPU industry, Lubrizol’s ESTANE TPUs have been a benchmark for innovation and quality globally. As one of the first foreign companies to build a TPU site in China, Lubrizol has been increasing capacity and strengthening capability of customized high-performance solutions for surface protection, medical devices, electronics, sports and recreation, and industrial applications, helping customers solve their complex challenges. With these investments, Lubrizol will manufacture ESTANE TPU for the PPF industry locally, further enhancing Asia Pacific TPU production capability and enabling a stable supply of high-quality products.

  3. Establishment of High-Performance Film (HPF) Innovation Center
  4. Lubrizol announces the inauguration of the High-Performance Films (HPF) Innovation Center, designed to bring together research institutions, industry organizations, governmental bodies, academies, and additional stakeholders. With a focus on fostering collaboration in the domain of high-performance TPU film products, the center aims to harness collective expertise to catalyze sustainable development throughout the entire industrial chain.

  5. Launch of ESTANE TPU Empowerment Ecosystem
  6. PPF is one of the fast-growing markets of high performance TPU film products in recent years.  Lubrizol’s newly launched ESTANE TPU Empowerment Ecosystem aims to support manufacturers in demonstrating the high quality of their products. Manufacturers who choose 100% ESTANE TPU for their TPU films or Paint Protection Film products may access this program to prove authenticity which includes a verification and testing process by Lubrizol. The program also empowers participants with Lubrizol’s legendary TPU chemical expertise to expedite innovation and elevate product differentiation and brand value. Lubrizol's global market insights and experience can also assist companies to expand their horizons and capitalize on industry opportunities as well.

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