Carbopol Fusion S-20 polymer wins two innovation awards

April 30, 2024

CLEVELAND, Ohio – Lubrizol is proud to announce that its latest innovation, Carbopol® Fusion S-20, the first sustainable and biodegradable Carbopol® polymer, was recently awarded two prestigious accolades; Innovation Zone Best Ingredient and BSB Innovation Award.

During the live in-cosmetics® Global ceremony in Paris, Carbopol® Fusion S-20 polymer was awarded a bronze Innovation Zone Best Ingredient Award (Functionals category). The sustainable rheology modifier for cleansing systems also won Bronze in the BSB Innovation Award (Functionals category). 

Carbopol® Fusion S-20 polymer is a novel liquid hybrid technology designed to suspend, stabilize, thicken, and enhance the appearance of personal cleansing products. This rheology modifier is an easy-to-use product that provides clarity across a broad pH range. 

Our latest award winner delivers the performance of an acrylates copolymer while offering multiple sustainability benefits: it is inherently biodegradable, and its manufacturing process addresses the 12 principles of Green Chemistry. Carbopol® Fusion S-20 polymer also has a low carbon footprint and contains starch, a renewable resource with good traceability and no competition with food supplies.

In-cosmetics® Global aims to promote innovation, share sustainability developments and foster collaborations between enterprises at all levels, from small independents to large global companies. Its awards recognize groundbreaking ingredients that utilize cutting-edge science to create new product features. The BSB Innovation Awards are given annually by Beratungs- und Servicebüro, a German cosmetic consulting company, to recognize the best of the cosmetics industry

To find out more about Carbopol ® Fusion S-20 polymer, click here.

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