Lubrizol®, a Leader in Data Center Thermal Management, to Announce Transformational Immersion Cooling Development at 2022 OCP Global Summit

October 18, 2022

Unveiling CompuZol™ ICS, the industry's first, fully warrantied, immersion-ready cooling solution
Spotlighting Lubrizol’s patent-pending CompuZol family of immersion cooling fluids 
Live, interactive full-immersion demonstration in the CompuZol booth
Lubrizol will host an Expo Hall Talk on Oct. 19 discussing performance of CompuZol fluids
Updates and results available on multiple, ongoing proof-of-concept deployments

Wickliffe, Ohio – The Lubrizol Corporation® and Intel®, following a multi-year effort to advance immersion cooling technologies, will announce a transformational development at the 2022 OCP Global Summit in San Jose, California: CompuZol™ ICS, the industry's first, fully warrantied, immersion-ready cooling solution

Featuring Lubrizol's family of proprietary CompuZol immersion cooling fluids and an immersion-ready server from Intel, the new fully warrantied offering simplifies data center transitions to immersion by eliminating common hurdles to adoption.  

"We know that the market has questions about transitioning from traditional air-cooling to immersion cooling, with switching costs, logistics, and, of course, performance and warranty being top of mind," said Matt Joyce, Vice President, Corporate New Business Development, for Lubrizol. "We want to help answer those questions, and this new immersion-ready solution represents a milestone in that effort.

“Our multiyear collaboration with Intel to advance immersion cooling and sustainably improve computing power and performance has culminated in this industry-first from Lubrizol,” Joyce continued.  “Until now, warranty was always an area of contention when end users considered immersion applications.  Working closely with Intel, we are pleased to introduce this new immersion cooling solution that includes an immersion-ready server and is fully warrantied from silicon to service.”

Jen Huffstetler, Intel’s Chief Product Sustainability Officer, said, “By eliminating barriers, enterprises will now be able to scale data center immersion cooling in a way they have not been able to in the past. Intel is excited to be collaborating with Lubrizol to help customers take a leap forward in their sustainability journey.”

Globally, traditional, cloud and hyperscale data centers consume an estimated 150 to 200 terawatt hours of electricity annually, with as much as one-third to one-half going to conventional air-cooling and HVAC systems. With most of the world’s electricity still coming from fossil fuel-based generation sources, the need to reduce energy consumption in data centers is compelling. 

Cooling servers by immersing them in Lubrizol’s specially formulated CompuZol immersion fluid solution offers a more sustainable approach and superior cooling, enabling greater computing density, energy efficiency, longer server life and deployment flexibility. Immersion cooling also makes greater computing power more accessible in regions of the world where standard air-cooled data centers are challenged due to high ambient temperatures or poor air quality.

“CompuZol fluids, alongside our immersion-ready server platform from Intel, provide the next step in building readily available solutions that support increased computing requirements and more sustainable offerings for the market,” said Brett Pemble, Vice President, General Manager, Intel DSG.  “We look forward to supporting Lubrizol’s work with key stakeholders and channel partners to introduce the CompuZol immersion cooling solution to the marketplace.” 

Lubrizol representatives will be available in the CompuZol booth (B35) to discuss the new fully warrantied immersion cooling solution, showcasing the CompuZol family of immersion fluids and the immersion-ready server solution from Intel. Company representatives look forward to discussing how we can work with end users to bring this solution to the market.

Other features of the CompuZol presence at the OCP Global Summit will include a live, interactive demonstration where attendees can test their gaming skills on a custom-designed video game running on a fully immersed server in a see-through immersion tank in the booth. Lubrizol leadership and subject matter experts will also give an Expo Hall Talk at 2:20 p.m. PST on Oct. 19 to share their vision and passion for immersion cooling, as well as discuss results of a variety of ongoing proof-of-concept trials.

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