Lubrizol® Evogen™ 4006 Named F&L Asia’s 2022 “Product Development of the Year”

May 26, 2022

Evogen™ 4006, a dedicated solution for formulating e-axle devices in electrified vehicles, was honored as Fuels & Lubes Asia’s 2022 “Product Development of the Year” during the organization’s awards ceremony last month in Thailand.

The award, recognizing innovation in the fuels and lubricants industry, highlights products that have significantly improved processes, efficiency and ecological use.

Lubrizol has a range of Evogen products specifically formulated to deliver critical protection and improved efficiency for electrified vehicles, addressing a key gap in the e-mobility space.

F&L Asia specifically highlighted Evogen 4006 for its ability to improve copper corrosion protection and enhance electric properties while maintaining excellent gear and bearing protection (when compared to conventional manual transmission fluids) in battery electric vehicles.

Lubrizol has carefully balanced the anti-wear and extreme pressure chemistry to achieve an ideal equilibrium of load carrying, copper corrosion protection and electrical conductivity,” noted the announcement.

“These have been rigorously evaluated in conventional lubricant tests as well as new tests better suited to the new environment, such as the [Lubrizol-developed] copper wire corrosion test. The additive package also offers improved oxidative stability and potential for efficiency gains by enabling durability at low viscosity.”

Lubrizol has worked with leading OEMs for many years to understand the needs of next-generation e-driveline hardware,” said Dr. Amanda Eastwood, Global Evogen Product Line Manager for Lubrizol. “Our Evogen range is the result of applying our formulation and testing expertise to deliver unrivalled performance to the new e-mobility landscape. We are delighted by this recognition.”

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