Matting Efficiency and Surface Protection: New Wax Additive Technology

May 19, 2020

An Outstanding Level of Multi-Feature Performance

CLEVELAND, Ohio -- Lubrizol introduces the commercial availability of Lanco™ 1390 F wax additive, offering ink and coating formulators an inorganically modified surface modification technology – capable of delivering new levels of surface protection and matting efficiency without affecting coefficient of friction (COF).

Lanco 1390 F wax additive easily incorporates into a range of water-based and solvent-based ink and coating formulations and delivers robust in-can stability. It provides multi-feature surface modifying capabilities, including matting efficiency, excellent hardness capabilities, and abrasion, scratch & scuff resistance – with a unique ability to not affect COF.

“At Lubrizol, we are happy to make this new wax additive technology available to customers”, shares Miriam Peralta, marketing manager. “Lanco 1390 F wax additive is fully versatile and provides formulators the opportunity to enhance surface protection for floor coating and ink applications without the concern of system compatibility, dispersion and in-can stability. While other technologies can be combined to deliver similar benefits, Lanco 1390 F wax additive takes it a step further – enabling multi-feature capability in a single surface modifying technology while providing in-can stability into water-based and solvent-based systems”.

Visit our web page on Lanco-1390-F Wax Additive for more information.

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