Asteric Viscosity Modifiers

Asteric™ Viscosity Modifiers

Breakthrough VM Technology for High Viscosity Index (VI) Lubricants

Asteric Viscosity Modifier Technology
Lubrizol's Asteric VM technology is based on polyalkylmethacrylate (PMA) chemistry and has “star” architecture with approximately 9 to 13 arms per molecule.

Lubrizol’s new Asteric™ polymethacrylate (PMA) viscosity modifier technology takes the performance of high viscosity index driveline and hydraulic fluids to a new level. Asteric polymers have radial or “star” architecture that delivers superior performance, breaking the relationship between thickening efficiency, shear stability, and viscosity index that limits conventional PMA viscosity modifier technology. Asteric technology was developed by Lubrizol polymer scientists and is exclusive to Lubrizol.

At a time when productivity, efficiency, durability converge to demand the most out of a lubricant, Lubrizol’s Asteric viscosity modifier technology has come along to provide unmatched benefits for driveline lubricants and hydraulic fluids.

In comparison to conventional PMA polymers, Asteric viscosity modifiers:

  • Boost viscosity index (VI)much more per unit treat rate and per unit of viscosity increase
  • Offer more formulating flexibility – Enable use of Group III oil in place of PAO in driveline formulations while still achieving the desired viscosity profile. Allow heavier starting base oil blends in high VI hydraulic fluids while still meeting the desired viscosity and viscosity index targets. 
  • Achieve very high viscosity index more easily - reduce the need for very light base oils when formulating very high viscosity index or arctic grade hydraulic fluids.
  • Provide better low temperature fluidity in formulations using the same starting base oil blend.

The Asteric polymer’s star architecture results in greater ability to increase viscosity index (VI) than conventional PMA polymers of similar shear stability characteristics.

 Asteric VMs provided higher viscosity index than other VM technologies having similar shear stability characteristics when blended to the same finished oil viscosity in the same base oil.

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