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The knowledge of your people is your best competitive advantage. Help them improve it.

While most companies believe their most valuable resource is their people, only some companies actually invest in improving their knowledge and performance.

The Lubrizol Performance Institute provides you with a comprehensive learning solution for your people and your distributors. By accessing our library of courses, you can help your people better understand your markets and communicate value throughout your distribution channels.

With a robust library of targeted courses on lubricant technology and applications, you can improve the knowledge of your people throughout your distribution channels and track results.

Lubrication Fundamentals

Lubrication Fundamentals

  • Friction and Lubrication
  • Viscosity
  • Base Oils
  • Overview of Additives
  • Additives for Deposit Control
  • Additives for Friction and Wear Control
  • Additives for Chemical Reaction Control
  • Additives for Viscosity Control
  • Additives for Physical Property Control
  • Lubricant Markets and Applications
  • Industry Organizations and Specifications
Engine Oil Additives Passenger Car

Engine Oil Essentials

  • Intro to Engine Components
  • Engine Types and Designs
  • Engine Oils for Passenger Cars
  • Engine Oils for Heavy Duty Trucks
  • Lubricants for Small Engines
  • LSPI and the Challenges of Modern Engines
  • ILSAC GF-6 Overview
  • Efficiency for Heavy Duty Trucks
Driveline Additives Automatic Transmission Fluids

Driveline Fluid Essentials (Coming Soon)

  • Intro to Driveline Components
  • Transmission Types and Designs
  • Transmission Fluid Overview
  • Automotive Gear Oil Overview
Hydraulic and Industrial Fluid Essentials

Hydraulic and Industrial Fluid Essentials (Coming Soon)

  • Intro to Hydraulic Components
  • Hydraulic Fluids for Heavy Duty Equipment 
  • Intro to Industrial Applications
  • Industrial Fluids for Metalworking
  • Industrial Fluids for Gear Applications

Pricing and Plans

The Lubrizol Performance Institute online library is available as an annual subscription for any number of individuals. An account with at least 20 individuals includes one or more administrative accounts to help deploy learning and track performance. Sign up now to get started.

$2,780 + Tax / yr*

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$58 + Tax / mo*
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$54 + Tax / mo*
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$49+ Tax / mo*
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Number of People Up to 5 6-19 20-99 100+
Administrative Accounts Up to 5 Unlimited
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