Lubrizol 9040 Zer0 Series Products

The Lubrizol ® 9040 Zer0 Series is available in a range of products to meet global needs for both bulk diesel fuel as well as aftermarket performance chemicals.


The outstanding deposit control power of the new Lubrizol 9040 Zer0 Series deposit control additive can be provided in a broad range of formulations designed to meet varying customer needs. In addition typical options for bulk diesel fuel can also include:

  • Cetane improver
  • Anti-foam 
  • Lubricity improver


Aftermarket versions of the Lubrizol 9040 Zer0 Series technology are available in two formats:

  • For Continuous Use: PowerZol 9040 Detergent with or without Cetane Improver
  • For One-Tank Clan Up: PowerZol 9049 With or without Cetane Improver

Each Lubrizol 9040 Zer0 product is supported by a range of data supported treat rates / performance tiers.
Maximum flexibility to adjust fuel quality to local market requirements.
Contact your Lubrizol account manager for more information.