9040 Zer0 Series Overview

At Lubrizol, our vision is to help our customers succeed - and that means we must invest in leading fuel and lubricant technologies that help advance the industry. It means we must provide a superior class of products that our customers need most. The Lubrizol® 9040 Zer0 Series of performance diesel deposit control additives is a great example. With the revolutionary Zer0 deposits and Zer0 power loss benefits of the Lubrizol 9040 Zer0 Series, expect that tradition to continue.

Diesel fuel injectors have always been prone to injector coking. However, the potential for negative impact on engine performance, emissions and fuel consumption continues to increase as injector designs become progressively more sophisticated. For example, Euro 5 type injectors have 6 holes of 110 microns (about the width of two human hairs) and Injector holes for Euro 6 designs are predicted to be as little as 80 microns, with as many as 24 holes. Fuel injection pressures and temperatures and the expanding use of biodiesel promise to increase the potential severity of deposits even further.

The innovative chemistry of Lubrizol 9040 Zer0 Series was developed specifically to deal with the complexities of injector fouling in the latest generation diesel engines. The advanced additive chemistry has the capability to completely prevent power loss in the latest industry standard common rail injector fouling engine test, and at market beating treat levels. In addition, Lubrizol 9040 Zer0 can provide 100% flow remaining in the industry standard XUD-9 test method. Comprehensive testing demonstrates that the 9040 Zer0 Series deposit control additive is at least three times more effective than previous generation technology.

For our customers, the unparalleled deposit control power of Lubrizol's 9040 Zer0 Series technology provides opportunity to develop unique differentiated marketing claims for fuels, with compelling data that screams outstanding performance benefits for the consumer. 

Revolutionary New Diesel Injector Deposit Control Additive

A demanding new era in diesel injector deposit control is opening up. Concerns are building with regards to the susceptibility of latest technology fuel injection equipment towards high levels of deposit formation in the presence of unstable biodiesel blendstocks, or even trace metal contamination of fuel.  Build up of carbonaceous deposits on these high tolerance injectors can result in loss of engine power, fuel efficiency and increases in regulated emissions beyond the designated limits, as well as potentially expensive repairs for the consumer.  These issues are reflected in the new CEC injector fouling test, which is based on a Peugeot DW10 common rail engine equipped with advanced Euro 5 injectors. 

Into this challenging arena comes a revolutionary new diesel fuel deposit control additive, which is capable of totally eliminating injector fouling in the new CEC F-98-08 DW10 test, as well as completely preventing flow loss in the older CEC F-23-01 Peugeot XUD-9 method.  This outstanding new additive is the outcome of several years of continuous research and development by Lubrizol scientists and engineers with the goal of meeting the demanding needs of such severe new diesel injector coking tests.  It is likely that Lubrizol's new 9040 Zer0 Series chemistry delivers an unparalleled degree of deposit control in the industry today.

Performance, Flexibility, No-Harms

The revolutionary new Lubrizol 9040 Zer0 Series deposit control technology has the power to address the most severe of injector coking problems occurring with common rail direct injection diesel engines both today and into the future, as well as older engine types that have been on the market for many years.  This unparalleled performance is demonstrated by excellent injector keep clean and clean up credentials in the new CEC F-98-08 CEC procedure, as well as the long standing CEC XUD-9 method.  Such is the capability of the new Zer0 Series, that Lubrizol 9040 multifunctional products can completely eliminate injector deposits and the resulting engine power loss at market leading treatment levels, as demonstrated in the DW10 and XUD9 CEC procedures.

Choose Lubrizol 9040 Zer0 Series

  • ZerO injector deposits and power loss as demonstrated in the CEC DW10 and XUD9 test procedures.
  • Outstanding capability to clean up latest technology fuel injectors.
  • Industry leading treat rates.
  • Range of `Flextreat' Lubrizol 9040 Zer0 Series multifunctional packages available offering benefits such as   excellent anti-corrosion, foam control and cetane number improvement. 
  • Excellent control of diesel fuel foaming tendencies in treated fuel.
  • Elimination of steel corrosion in treated fuel as demonstrated in ASTM D665A procedure.
  • Proven performance in mineral-biodiesel blends.
  • Comprehensive no-harms credentials.