Stationary Natural Gas Engine Oils

No Time for Downtime

Lubrizol was the first additive company to introduce dedicated lubricant additives specifically designed for stationary natural gas engines. We develop application-specific solutions that deliver optimal engine performance while meeting the current and evolving regulations in this cost-sensitive business.

How Lubrizol Can Help

As one of the world's fastest growing energy resources, stationary natural gas consumption is projected to rise by more than 50% over the next 25 years. Such high demand in the market places even greater demands on the engines utilized to keep the entire production process up and running. Lubrizol stationary natural gas engine oil additives play a critical role in meeting the demands of both.

Engine durability and cost of operation are key requirements for stationary natural gas owner/operators.

Increased Up Time

Maximizing productivity is the key benefit of using oils specially formulated for the stationary natural gas industry. While protecting equipment is paramount, Lubrizol additive technology also increases operational efficiency by improving maintenance planning and increasing overhaul intervals.

Emissions Compliance

The right lubricants are necessary to maintain engine efficiency and lower exhaust emissions. As more advanced 4-stroke engines dominate the field due to strict environmental regulations, meeting their demanding requirements takes lubricants specifically designed for the job.   

Optimizing Performance

A steadfast commitment to thorough field testing with OEM engines is the cornerstone of Lubrizol's product development. Backed by extensive real-world proof, our properly formulated lubricants have earned a reputation for superior durability in protecting internal components from premature wear and extending engine life. The confidence this delivers is invaluable given how much is riding on these engines.

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