Manual Transmission

Manual Transmission Fluid

There are two main types of manual transmissions (MTs): synchronized and non-synchronized.  Non-synchronized transmissions are more common in North America heavy duty vehicle applications. The focus on driver comfort has improved the designs of today's transmissions, especially in terms of shift feel and durability. The drive for improved fuel economy has also led to advancements in design and the use of a wide range of synchronizer materials.

These changes in transmission design have led to advancements in transmission lubricant additive technology highlighting the importance of using a dedicated manual transmission fluid (MTF) that is matched to the frictional properties of these more complex materials.


Additive Requirements

MTFs must provide:

  ✓ Fill-for-life capability

  ✓ Synchronizer friction material compatibility

  ✓ Corrosion protection

  ✓ High thermal stability

  ✓ Shear stability

Dedicated MT Additives with Major Benefits

Lubrizol's close relationship with OEMs and understanding of manual transmissions has enabled us to develop additive technologies that serve the current and future needs of the market. Our robust MTF additive and sophisticated viscosity modifier technologies create major benefits for both owners and drivers.