Continuously Variable Tramsission Fluid

Continuously Variable Transmission Fluid

Continuously variable transmissions (CVTs) offer enhanced fuel efficiency over traditional automatic transmissions, making them increasingly popular choices for both passenger cars and in off-highway applications in Japan, China and the U.S.

There are two main types of CVTs, belt or chain type, with similar lubrication needs.  Since they both generate high metal-to-metal friction performance, they require  unique metal friction performance, making them very different from a traditional stepped automatic transmission.

 Additive Requirements

Continuously variable transmission fluids must provide:

  ✓ Viscosity

  ✓ Shear stability 

  ✓ Low temperature fluidity

  ✓ Wear and oxidation protection

  ✓ Anti-shudder durability

  ✓ High metal-to-metal friction performance

First Fluid to Cover Belt and Chain CVTs

Working closely with OEMs and having a deep understanding of CVT performance requirements has enabled Lubrizol to develop fluids that maintain or enhance metal friction performance while boosting anti-shudder durability. We have developed the first fluid in the marketplace that will work on both belt and chain CVT configurations.