Noveon® Polycarbophil

Suitable applications of Noveon polycarbophil: Oral and topical

Residual solvent for Noveon polycarbophil: Ethyl acetate

Noveon® polycarbophil, USP is a high molecular weight acrylic acid polymer crosslinked with divinyl glycol. It provides excellent bioadhesive properties and has been used extensively to enhance the delivery of active ingredients to various mucous membranes. Noveon polycarbophil can be used for the formulation of buccal, nasal, ophthalmic, vaginal, and rectal bioadhesive products.

Noveon polycarbophil can also be used as a controlled release polymer in oral solid dose applications. Typical usage levels for achieving controlled release characteristics in tablets manufactured by aqueous granulation are 5 - 10 wt.%, depending on the drug properties, co-excipients and processing parameters.

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Noveon® AA-1 USP

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