Noverite™ AD Polymers

Granular and Liquid Grade Noverite™ AD Polymers

Noverite™ AD (Automatic Dish) polymer family is based on acrylic chemistry designed to excel in automatic dish applications.

Noverite AD 810 polymer is a unique acrylic terpolymer designed by optimizing a combination of monomers via a propriety polymerization process that enables outstanding performance in liquid, powder, and tablet automatic dishwasher detergent products.

Key Benefits

Noverite AD810 polymeric co-builder is a multi-functional ingredient offering the following benefits when used in automatic dishwasher detergents:

  • Included in EPA Safer Choice Program, Safer Choice Ingredient
  • Listed on CleanGredients online database
  • Chelating, anti-scaling, and anti-filming properties
  • Suitable for use in unit-dose, powder or liquid formulation
  • Combine with sodium citrate for cost-effective formulations
  • Use in high performance phosphate-free formulations
  • Provides excellent replacement for other polymers