TPU for MJF 3D Printing Midsole

Powder TPU Technologies for 3D Printing

Lubrizol is committed to providing TPU material solutions for the widest range of 3D printing technologies, which includes producing powdered TPU for use in Multi Jet Fusion* 3D printing solutions, Selective Laser Sintering printers (SLS) and High Speed Sintering printers (HSS). Find out more about our TPU material solutions for polymer powder printing technologies:

Multi Jet Fusion

Flexible and soft TPU material solutions available for HP’s Jet Fusion™ 4200 series 3D printing solution.

Selective Laser Sintering and High Speed Sintering

We are currently developing TPU solutions for for selective laser sintering and high speed sintering 3D printers. Please contact our 3DP team for more information and collaborative development opportunities.

*Proprietary HP® technology