Pellets for TPU Compounding

Compounding Solutions

Enhance the properties of PVC

Thanks to our engineered polymer solutions, like Pearlcoat™ soft TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane), you can enhance the properties of PVC to improve impact strength, transparency, abrasion resistance and adhesion to a wide range of plastics and elastomers. PVC/TPU compounds give better adhesion to other plastics such as PC and ABS compared to plasticized PVC. This is important in 2K injection molding. In addition, PVC/TPU compounds have better welding properties for film to film or pipe to pipe.

Outstanding Benefits

  • Low melting range for easy blending (120-130ºc) and reduced PVC degradation
  • Soft, and plasticizer-free, for comfort and a wider range of applications (70 shore a)
  • Polycaprolactone copolyester backbone for improved compatibility
  • Improved compatibility with PVC
  • Enhanced low temperature flexibility
  • High mechanical properties and wear resistance
  • Transparency


  • Wires & Hoses
  • Coatings
  • Artificial Leather
  • Footwear

Lubrizol Product Solutions for Compounding

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