Performance Textiles

Textile coating solutions from Lubrizol are designed to help ordinary fabrics do extraordinary things - allowing them to become high performance textiles. Our advanced fabric coating technologies - including resins, polymers, additives and formulated solutions - can all work together to significantly enhance textile performance. Our broad portfolio of textile coatings are used to improve many functional and aesthetic properties, such as durability, flame retardancy, abrasion resistance, water repellency, breathability and cooling. This is also accomplished while balancing required look and feel characteristics, including clarity, gloss/matte, hand, drape and noise dampening. Flame retardant coating and water repellant coating solutions are critical for many applications, but at Lubrizol, our technology and innovation team is ready to meet many diverse textile coating challenges. We collaborate with our customers, bringing textile and chemical expertise, to customize new products or enhance current offerings to meeting and exceed performance expectations.