Electro-Rite® eSolutions for Batteries

Electro-Rite® eSolutions for batteries consist of a portfolio of dispersants, binders, and rheology modifiers specifically designed to deliver performance advancements in modern battery cell construction.

Advanced Technology for Battery Cell Construction

Electro-Rite® binder technologies are advanced resins designed to deliver ...

Electro-Rite® dispersant technologies consist of high performance hyperdispersants that ...

Electro-Rite® rheology modifiers consist of  ... For product information specific to rheology modifiers for batteries, click here.

As individual components, Electro-Rite®technologies enable battery manufacturers to engineer battery cell construction with a new level of capabilities. As a synergized system, Electro-Rite® eSolutions for batteries are transforming the power density, durability, and service life of today's electric vehicles and other battery powered applications.

With a solid commitment to the continuous research and development of Electro-Rite® eSolutions for batteries, Lubrizol is dedicated to enabling battery manufacturers with non-stop improvements to lithium-ion battery capability, service life, and cost.