Semiconductor and Electronics Industry

Choose a Corzan® industrial system to meet the high purity standards for cleanrooms and eliminate corrosion concerns caused by aggressive chemicals.

The highly complex manufacturing process required to create integrated circuits (commonly known as chips) presents a number of unique challenges for industrial piping systems. The use of toxic, highly corrosive, flammable gases and liquids can compromise the system's integrity. Few piping materials can withstand this harsh environment, being subject to corrosion, process leaks and premature failures. Even fewer piping materials can meet the high purity standards necessary for cleanrooms.

Corzan industrial systems meet all of these challenges. Made of high-performance chlorinated polyvinyl chloride (CPVC), they naturally resist corrosion, even when transporting some of the most aggressive chemicals commonly used in the manufacture of semiconductors, including sulfuric acid, nitric acid, hydrochloric acid, hydrofluoric acid, sodium hydroxide and ammonium hydroxide. With their superior hydraulic capabilities, they also resist impact and abrasion, and can handle higher temperatures than most non-metallic materials.

Equally important to the demanding semiconductor industry is that Corzan industrial systems meet the American National Standard for Cleanroom Materials Flammability Test Protocol as set forth by Factory Mutual Approval 4910 for duct, piping systems and sheet products. They are suitable for use in processing operations, exhaust ventilation and wastewater treatment applications.

Other benefits of a Corzan industrial system include:

  • First and only Schedule 40/80 CPVC piping system made from fully pressure-rated materials
  • Availability of a full system of standard components, including pipe, fittings, duct and sheet in a wide array of sizes, as well as custom-manufactured sheet and rod
  • Long history of successful use in the semiconductor and electronics industries
  • Fast and easy installation process
  • Lower life-cycle costs, maintenance and corrosion monitoring
  • Technical assistance from Lubrizol’s experienced R&D and field support teams