Sustainability and CPVC


Environmental Responsibility

Lubrizol is committed to identifying new ways to conserve resources and reduce energy usage. Through independent life cycle research, we gain an understanding of how our products affect the environment, which starts with the raw materials and continues through manufacturing, product use, and disposal. 

Energy Requirements 

We are proud that our CPVC piping materials have lower energy requirements and produce fewer greenhouse emissions than other piping materials, as reported in the Life Cycle Inventory (LCI) of the Production of Plastic and Metal Pipes for Use in Three Piping Applications. Also, since our plastic pipe and fittings do not corrode, they are likely to last longer and create less need for replacement materials. 


CPVC can be recycled into drainage piping or window profiles. It can also be ground into pellets and granules for use in many products, such as floor fillings/coatings, speed bumps and car mats.