History of Lubrizol CPVC

Our history of providing superior piping solutions for residential, commercial and industrial applications dates back to 1959 when Lubrizol (formerly BF Goodrich Performance Materials) pioneered chlorinated polyvinyl chloride (CPVC) for use in piping systems. One of the first applications for CPVC was pipe and fittings used in residential plumbing systems.  

1960: The first CPVC plumbing system was installed in the NAHB Research Home in Lansing, Michigan.

1961: Our CPVC compounds were first used in an industrial setting and are now sold under the Corzan® brand name to provide a highly reliable, corrosion-resistant alternative to traditional metallic piping systems.

1962 and 1963: Additional CPVC plumbing systems were installed in homes in California, Maryland and Ohio. While the high-performance polymer was first used for residential plumbing, the introduction of the new technology opened the door for a higher standard of product performance for other piping systems, as well. <

1984: We introduced the first non-metallic fire sprinkler system under the BlazeMaster® brand name, thereby providing the fire protection industry with a corrosion-resistant, easy-to-install and cost effective life safety solution.

1985: The first CPVC plumbing system was sold under the FlowGuard® brand name. Made of high-performance chlorinated polyvinyl chloride (CPVC), FlowGuard® pipe and fittings offered a smarter alternative to traditional copper plumbing systems.

1991:  After years of testing, research and development, we released a technologically advanced plumbing system still sold today under the FlowGuard Gold® brand name.

Today:  We offer the industry’s largest network of technical support specialists and are able to provide the necessary education and technical support to help our construction partners choose the best system to fit their needs.