Lubrizol’s Commitment to Improving Lives During COVID-19


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A Message from Our President & CEO, Eric Schnur

April 2, 2020

You learn the most about yourself during the most challenging times. As we all navigate this unique and very challenging environment, I’m immensely proud of Lubrizol’s employees and their response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Lubrizol’s science touches billions of consumers across the world every day, and our impact and commitment to improve lives has never been more evident or more critical.

That impact is felt in many ways. Here are just a few examples of how Lubrizol is helping in the fight against COVID-19:

Enabling 1 Billion Additional Bottles of Hand Sanitizer Every Month

Lubrizol will enable an additional 1 billion bottles of hand sanitizer globally every month by increasing our Carbopol® polymer production. Our Carbopol polymers thicken hand sanitizer to its familiar gel-like form, allowing for a more complete and effective application. Since early January, we have modified and expanded our production and consulted with customers to explore alternative formulation options, allowing us to triple the amount of hand sanitizer ingredients we can supply our customers. Billions of medical personnel, patients and fellow citizens will be better protected as a result.

Partnering for Medical Personal Protective Equipment

Our TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane polymers) science is critical in dozens, if not hundreds, of applications in the fight against COVID-19. TPU’s barrier properties provide protection to medical professionals when they are used in medical gowns, protective suits, face masks and face shields. We continuously partner with our customers to leverage this science in new ways to protect the heroes who are fighting the virus.   

Contributing to Medical Devices and Pharmaceuticals

Teams supporting pharmaceutical customers are ensuring active ingredient delivery in a variety of medicines. Our teams also are supplying medical customers with flexible, biocompatible materials for vascular catheters, IV tubing sets, wound dressings and medical device components utilized in ventilators, valves, and infusion pumps. We have altered our manufacturing processes to produce more of the products that are most needed to fight the virus.  

Moving More than Half of the World’s Vehicles 

More than half of the world’s vehicles leverage Lubrizol’s additives. During this time, we’re supporting the world’s infrastructure, including keeping first responder and delivery vehicles moving.  

Keeping 8,800 Employees Safe and Financially Secure

Above all, we’re keeping the 8,800 employees who are part of our Lubrizol family safe. This has been and always will be our most important priority. Employees who can work from home, are working from home. In other locations, we’ve minimized the number of employees on site, initiating rotations where feasible, practicing social distancing and instituting additional cleaning procedures. In all locations, we have a range of policies to support employees as they seek to balance their professional and personal lives during this environment.  

Finally, we are helping in the communities where we operate with donations to hospitals across the world and support for many charitable organizations.

More than 90 years ago, our founders built Lubrizol focused on better science for a better life. I have seen our Lubrizol employees rise to many challenges over many years, but I have never seen them respond like this. I want to thank each one of them for their incredible dedication and skill. I have seen the same from many other organizations – our suppliers, customers and partners who are united in this fight. Thanks to all of you as well. 

Together we are learning how incredible we can truly be -- when the world needs us most. 

-Eric Schnur, President & CEO