Chembetaine™ OL-30 surfactant

INCI Name: Oleyl Betaine

Chembetaine™ OL-30 surfactant is a naturally derived, mild emollient conditioning surfactant in an easy-to-handle liquid form. It is substantive to both skin and hair. Its viscosity building and foam enhancing qualities make it ideal for use in shampoos, liquid soaps and bath products. It has a high RCI value and is stable over a wide pH range.


  • Adds moisturization to hand soaps
  • Easy-to-use liquid form
  • High vegetable content
  • Improves foam lubricity
  • Improves wet combing
  • Naturally derived
  • Pronounced mildness in combination with anionic surfactants and soaps
  • Silky after-feel
  • Viscosity building and foam enhancing


  • Shaving Products

Primary Functions

  • Thickener