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OEM Services

As the mobility industry shifts its attention toward electrification and autonomy, there is a gap in knowledge and resources at OEMs to continue conventional powertrain research, testing and product development. Lubrizol's unique testing capabilities and established resources can deliver solutions to OEMs in this market.

Lubrizol Additives 360


A full-circle source of market trends, industry insights and the lubrication challenges of today's advanced hardware

Perfecting the Science of Performance™

From the powertrain to the interior cabin and exterior, Lubrizol offers a wide range of automotive solutions for equipment manufacturers and suppliers. Learn how Lubrizol can help simplify the process of bringing products to market quickly and efficiently, both now and in the future.


Aftermarket Performance Chemicals

 Innovative additive chemistries bringing proven value to additive bottlers and marketers

Driveline Additives

Additives for gear oils, transmission fluids and off-highway fluids, covering all on and off road applications

Engine Oil Additives

Comprehensively designed to protect all types of engines in a variety of operating environments

Fuel Additives

Advanced, quality fuel additive chemistries bringing proven value to fuel marketers

Industrial Lubricant Additives

The best in hydraulic, industrial gear, grease and metalworking additives, backed by extensive testing to optimize results

Viscosity Modifiers

Not just thickeners, but polymer technologies that bring real performance improvement to tomorrow’s most advanced lubricants