Fabric Care

Bleach activator, rheology modifiers and functional ingredients that provide high performance efficacy in laundry detergents, fabric softeners and pre-treatment products. 

Dish Care

High-performance surfactants, rheology modifiers, and chelating ingredients for manual and automatic dish products. 

Surface Care

Improves surface cleaning through ingredients that modify surface properties, as well as rheology modifiers that provide unique product forms such as spray-able gels. 


Our rheology, surface modifying, surfactant and ester solutions work to optimize the performance of active ingredients in crop production.

Other Household Applications

Specialty applications where rheology modifiers provide high performance flow control and shear-thinning functionality

About the Home Business Team

The Home business team at Lubrizol Life Science offers a comprehensive range of specialty chemicals to enhance the performance of fabric, dish and surface care products. The innovative ingredients and additives we produce modify physical properties and offer a range of functional benefits such as stain removal, hygiene improvements, fabric softening and surface modification for easier cleaning. In partnership with customers in the home products industry, we innovate products that help people to live a more comfortable life.


Introducing Noverite™ 311

Unique ampholytic polymers that enable foam boosting performance by synergistically interacting with the surfactants in the detergent products.

NEW Noverite™ 301 polymer

NEW Noverite™ 301 polymer allows you to create dual action detergents that help keep laundry looking and feeling great.

What is TAED?

What is TAED?

TAED (tetraacetylethylenediamine) is a bleach activator that reacts with a source of hydrogen peroxide to produce peracetic acid.