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Rouen Operations Update – March 6, 2020

Download our newsletter for area stakeholders here.

Since our partial restart in mid-December, our teams in Rouen have been safely and securely operating two blending units as we begin to restore customer supply. This work involves simple mixing and does not require any chemical reactions. We also now only ship raw materials to our Rouen plant as we need them and move finished products off site, representing an 80% reduction in materials stored in drums at the site.

Our blending units continue to be separated from the area impacted by the fire by a large wall. We continue to clean the impacted area of the site thoroughly and safely, consulting regularly with the local officials. We also have installed additional state-of-the-art equipment for fire detection and suppression.

We know we must continue to restore community trust. In recent weeks, we have gathered our community advisory panel, participated in the Transparency Committee and met with a variety of other local stakeholders to provide regular updates on our work in Rouen. As another means of ongoing updates, we have issued a local newsletter to area stakeholders, which we also publish on this website. You can access that newsletter here.

Thank you,

Isabelle Striga
President Lubrizol France