Charting the Course

As dynamic sustainability leaders, our team delivers innovative ingredients that respect our planet.  With products that are derived from nature, reduce life cycle environmental impact and are third-party certified, Lubrizol is the supplier of choice for courageous innovation that is grounded in responsible science and delivers excellent performance. Our team understands that we sustain each other by keeping each other safe, embracing diversity and fostering positive engagement with our commercial and community partners. 

Our Compass Sustainability Plan

Lubrizol Life Science is setting a clear direction toward a sustainable future.  Our Compass Sustainability Plan is inspired by the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, and directs us on a course to lower our environmental impact wherever possible and to bring others along on our journey. We do this by leveraging Lubrizol’s legendary scientific expertise and directing our best natural resources – our people and our products to be your complete sustainability partner. Lubrizol's ingredients provide the benefits our customers need to achieve their sustainability goals. We call these Compass Benefits. Explore the Compass Benefits in Lubrizol’s ingredients:

Sustainability Spotlight

Eco-friendly technology of botanical extraction based in France. An alternative to conventional solvents, offering short extraction time, no thermal degradation and a broader range of phytoactives in higher concentrations.

Compass Sustainability

What Happens to Polymers in the Environment?

Lubrizol makes acrylate polymers for use in beauty and personal care products. In the debate surrounding plastic litter in the marine environment, it's important to understand the difference between acrylic polymers and microplastics or "microbeads". Check out this infographic to see the difference!

Video: Understanding Lubrizol's Polymers

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