Peptides, Biotech Actives and Delivery Systems

Ideating Beauty

With its emphasis on innovation, a highly-skilled, multidisciplinary team leads the research, design and production of Lipotec’s active ingredients for cosmetics, cosmetotextiles and nutricosmetics, which has led to numerous successful products over the years.

The full range of molecular cosmetics covers skin and hair care needs with molecules of synthetic origin (especially peptides) and of natural origin (biotechnology-based). In all cases, Lipotec's ingredients provide a well-defined structure, most optimum purity and completely safe profiles and claims supported by in vitro and in vivo tests.

Founded in 1987 in Barcelona (Spain) and acquired in 2012 by Lubrizol (Berkshire Hathaway), Lipotec has become in just a few years a well-known worldwide expert in advanced active ingredients for skin and hair care. Visit