Dorota Niemczycka


Marketing Communications Manager, Active Ingredients

Working for multi-national companies, Dorota is always thinking of the beauty industry on a global scale. With over 15 years of experience, she creates and implements global brand strategies that meet the needs of a fast-paced and ever-changing market. She has been a skin care fan long before joining Lubrizol, a "Skintellectual" who's fascinated about what goes into the products we use.  

Fun fact: Beyond her fascination with skincare products, Dorota actively appreciates music of all kinds. Attending live concerts every chance she gets. 

Posted by Dorota Niemczycka | 12/12/2018

When Lipotec launched the ARGIRELINE® peptide in 2001 it knew it had created something special.

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Posted by Dorota Niemczycka | 11/12/2018

Urban life is a source of constant stress for the skin. To combat, it’s necessary to apply ingredients that build the skin’s defenses.

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Posted by Dorota Niemczycka | 09/12/2018

Motherhood can adjust a woman’s expectations of indulgence and self-care. An occasional day at the spa and regular beauty treatments are traded in for five minutes in the bathroom with a toddler outside the door.

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Posted by Dorota Niemczycka | 09/11/2018

Consumers purchase skin care products hoping to achieve beautiful, radiant skin. However, for some the exact opposite is true, with many experiencing itchy, red, irritated skin either from the products they are using or changes in their skin health.

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