Hair Care

Hair Care

Innovative hair conditioning and styling ingredients and formulations that are differentiated and market-ready. 
Skin Care

Skin Care

Delivering a beautiful skin experience, providing consumers with trending solutions, substantiated benefits and superior sensory enjoyment. 
Bath and Shower

Skin Cleansing

Innovative skin cleansing solutions that are differentiated and market-ready, offering aesthetic, hygienic cleansing and improved skin benefits.  

About the Beauty Business Team

The Beauty business team at Lubrizol Life Science partners with customers to develop, manufacture and market a broad range of differentiated ingredients and formulations for skin care, hair care and skin cleansing. Our innovative solutions enhance functional performance and deliver aesthetic benefits that help people to live a more beautiful life.

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Read the latest from Lubrizol Life Science, Beauty experts! Our extensive market knowledge and formulation expertise help our partners create next-generation beauty products.

Top 5 Reasons to Partner with LLS Beauty

Posted by Elena Cañadas | 09/14/2020

 Wondering what sets us apart as a beauty solution provider? Here’s our top 5 list...

Categories: Hair Care, Skin Care, Skin Cleansing

Seascalp™ biomarine ingredient keeps scalp healthy

Posted by Juliana Mancini Gomiero | 09/03/2020

A beautiful and healthy head of hair begins at the scalp.

Categories: Hair Care, Skin Care

Reports: Women change hairstyle 46X per year

Posted by Juliana Mancini Gomiero | 08/28/2020

It’s estimated that women switch up their hair cut, color and style an average of 46 times per year. 

Categories: Hair Care

How soap protects against the coronavirus

Posted by Rebekah Smith | 08/20/2020

There’s something comforting – and a little surprising – that simple soap is one of our most effective weapons against the coronavirus.

Categories: Skin Cleansing

How to Appear More Rested in Morning Zoom Calls

Posted by Dorota Niemczycka | 08/17/2020

Has our current stay-at-home world somehow made your days longer?

Categories: Skin Care

Conscious Makeup Delivers Eco-Friendly Performance

Posted by LLS Beauty Technical Team | 08/03/2020

Consumers have made their priorities clear: they want high-performing products made from natural ingredients that protect the environment.

Categories: Skin Care

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Go with the flow

Go With the Flow

Innovative custom hair color and style simultaneously



Color that treats hair kindly

Conscious Makeup

The next era in nature-based color cosmetics

Eco-Concious Beauty

Setting our direction towards a sustainable future.