It is our belief that employees want to work for a company where they are not asked to compromise their personal values. At Lubrizol, employees find a company that is committed to providing a work environment free from discrimination, exploitation or harassment of any kind. We uphold one united approach to ethics that consists of:

  • Clearly defined Ethical and Legal Conduct Guidelines
  • A Chief Ethics Officer who manages our ethics department
  • A team of regional ethics leaders who implement our Ethical and Legal Conduct Guidelines and serve as local contacts for questions regarding Lubrizol policies or procedures

Lubrizol's Ethical and Legal Conduct Guidelines

Ethical and legal conduct guidelines are important to who we are and how we conduct ourselves in every country that we work. Lubrizol's standards may be more stringent than a particular country's laws. A practice may be permissible and perhaps even legal in some countries, but this does not mean it is acceptable under our guidelines. The fact that our competitors may behave differently is also not an excuse for failing to meet the requirements of our own guidelines. Furthermore, a customer or supplier request is not an acceptable reason to circumvent our guidelines. We share accountability for practicing the guidelines daily, and will walk away from business that cannot be achieved ethically and legally.

Lubrizol's Prohibited Business Practices Policy

These guidelines are consistent with Berkshire Hathaway's operating philosophy. As a Berkshire Hathaway company, Lubrizol also complies with its  Prohibited Business Practices Policy.


If you have any questions or concerns, please call Joan Radigan at +1 440-347-5013 or Kristin Marquardt at +1 440-347-6550. Questions or concerns can also be submitted to Global Compliance, an independent firm that provides reporting services to Lubrizol. The Global Compliance hotline numbers and web-based reporting sites can be found at the link under Contacts.

Supply Chain Transparency

  • Lubrizol's Committment to the California Transparency in Supply Chains Act
  • The Modern Slavery Act Disclosure Statement

Ethical and Legal Conduct Guidelines

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Ethics Contacts