Overview of Lubrizol Viscosity Modifiers

As the global industry leader in lubricant additive technologies, Lubrizol innovates, develops, and delivers the broadest range of polymer technologies on the market.

From performance-enhancing polymers, viscosity index improvers, synthetic base fluids to  advanced pour point depressants for existing and future engine oils, driveline and industrial lubricants, we offer a comprehensive Galaxy of Polymers, which means we can supply the best possible polymer solution to meet your specific performance requirements. 

Our world-class research and development team utilizes industry collaboration combined with exhaustive testing processes to ensure our additive packages deliver optimal lubricant efficiency, durability, low temperature performance and protection against wear.

Whether your goal is to offer basic lubricants meeting an industry specification or to bring the most differentiated and highest performing products to market, we offer unmatched polymer science solutions backed by more than a century of additive expertise, technical knowledge, proof of performance, and customer support to help your business succeed.

What are VMs?

Viscosity modifiers (VMs) are polymers that are key ingredients in many lubricating oils. They help lubricant blenders achieve desired rheological properties, such as reducing the tendency of a lubricant’s viscosity to change when subjected to temperature fluctuations to protect equipment at temperature extremes.

VMs can improve efficiency, cleanliness and low temperature performance, all while providing durability and protecting equipment from harmful wear.