From performance-enhancing polymers, viscosity index improvers, and synthetic base fluids to advanced pour point depressants for engine oils, driveline and industrial lubricants, we offer a comprehensive Galaxy of Polymers, which means we can supply the best possible polymer solution to meet the performance requirements for your specific business needs.  

Learn more about our market leading performance polymers, or visit one of the application areas below, to see how our products, technical knowledge, testing and field expertise can help you achieve success.

Engine Oils

Viscosity modifiers enhance base oil to help get the most out of today’s sophisticated engines. The result? Engine oils that provide maximum efficiency, durability, and performance.

Driveline Fluids

From start-up on the coldest winter mornings to protection in intense summer heat, driveline fluids must perform in the harshest of conditions. Viscosity modifiers help driveline fluids deliver more power, increased fuel efficiency, and optimal wear protection.

Industrial Lubricants

On the job site efficiency is key and downtime is costly. Viscosity modifiers in hydraulic fluids, industrial gear oils and greases help equipment run longer, faster and prevent expensive repairs.