Metalworking Fluids

Lubrizol’s Metalworking products – innovation, selection, solutions 

Lubrizol offers the widest product selection in the industry to meet a broad spectrum of metal protection and metal processing needs. Our fluids are rigorously tested and proven to perform in real world conditions. We offer solutions that work hour after hour, day after day to protect machines and finished products.

Metal Protection

Lubrizol is an industry leader and innovator of metal protection fluids. We offer a broad range of products including customized fluids developed in partnership with our customers. Lubrizol’s quality metal protecting fluids form an effective barrier between metal surfaces and contaminants such as air, water and other corrosion-producing materials. These fluids can be applied by dipping, spraying, flushing, brushing, or electrostatically to protect metal from rust and corrosion during shipping and storage.

Metal Processing

Lubrizol's metal processing fluid additives cool, lubricate and protect machined parts and metalworking tools from heat and friction. Commonly known as cutting fluids or removal fluids, Lubrizol's metal processing fluids offer exceptional performance to extend machine and tool life and maximize productivity on the shop floor.

Lubrizol’s metalworking packages are used to formulate soluble oil, semi-synthetic, and full synthetic metalworking fluid concentrates for metal removal, metal forming, and other water-extendable lubricant applications. Packages are developed to offer emulsification, corrosion inhibition, and supplemental lubricity to finished fluids.

Metalworking Biocides

Lubrizol is a leading supplier of biocide and system cleaner technologies to the metalworking fluid industry.Lubrizol biocide additives provide fluid stability, protection from microbial growth, fluid safety and proven performance. Our biocide products offer high performance chemical technology to provide the necessary protection against microorganisms in aqueous metal working fluids, inhibiting both bacterial and fungal growth. We offer a complete line of biocide products and develop products in partnership with customers.