Industrial Gear Oil Additives

An industrial gearbox is a system of assembled gears that transmit mechanical energy from a prime mover to an output device, typically changing the speed, direction or torque of the input energy during the process.

Lubricants for industrial gearboxes are selected according to several factors: the type of gears, operating conditions such as load, speed, and temperature, as well as any special requirements for the type of end use application of the gearbox:

Gearboxes used within the food processing industry require lubricants to meet the usual requirements of wear, corrosion, oxidation and foam/demulsibility protection - and in addition, they need to meet the appropriate standards covering incidental food contact. Careful consideration of the base oil and the additve chemistry is crucial to protect the food during processing.
Long service life, clean, non-sludging performance and resistance to micropitting are important parameters that will help ensure trouble-free efficient operation of gearboxes found in the many varied configurations of industrial manufacturing.
Industrial gearboxes used onboard marine vessels not only have to perform according to the requirements of their land-based counterparts, but must also provide reliable operation in an environment susceptible to water ingress and the constant vibration and oscillations due to the vessel’s movement.
In harsh mining conditions, contamination of the lubricant by dust, debris and water is often unavoidable. The ability of the gear oil additive to retain performance and continue providing protection under these conditions is critical.
Large open gear sets operating under conditions where power is transferred between gears under different velocities or loads are often prone to shock loading. Added to this, the possibility of debris contamination makes open gear lubrication one of the most arduous regimes found anywhere in industrial gear systems.
The varied types of power generation equipment found around the world place many varying demands upon industrial gear oils. From hydro-power generation, through conventional steam and gas turbines through to modern wind turbine generators, industrial gear oils need to have excellent, robust and reliable performance.
In hot and demanding steel manufacturing environments, gear oils need to provide protection under shock loading conditions and also survive excessive water contamination. Accordingly, gear oil additives are required to provide very high extreme pressure (EP) levels, outstanding demulsibility and high thermal stability.

To meet certain application requirements, synthetic base stocks are sometime used, for example, polyalphaolefins are used where extreme temperatures are encountered and polyalkylene glycols are used where enhanced frictional requirements are encountered (such as the lubrication of worm gear sets).

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