Lubrizol® 9040 Zer0 Series

Expect a Revolution!

Rarely do new fuel additives emerge that completely change the competitive landscape. But, Lubrizol is doing just that with its 9040 Zer0 Series diesel fuel deposit control additive. Testing has shown outstanding injector cleanliness with zero deposits and zero power loss in the latest industry testing at market leading treatment levels. Expect an industry revolution for improved diesel fuel performance, and expect Lubrizol 9040 Zer0 Series to work, helping your diesel fuels deliver. Read the Overview>>

What is the value of a clean engine?

A clean engine is essential for maximum power and fuel economy as well as the lowest levels of emissions. Join a Lubrizol scientist in a tour of how diesel engine technologies have changed over the years. It’s easy to see how these changes require advanced fuel capabilities in order to operate effectively.

Three, Two, One, Zer0

We’re heading for a world with no fuel system deposits – a world with clean diesel injectors – where not even internal diesel injector deposits (IDID) can exist. As modern engines become more sophisticated, so do their sensitivity to IDID. But today, new testing data confirms the effectiveness of 9040 Zer0™ in cleaning IDID from the most advanced injectors. Improved Performance>>